For any of you participating in the Color Run next Sunday, we are trying to put some things together.

Bring me a white t-shirt that we can stencil our team name on and paint after the race. You also get a t-shirt in your packet, but if you want our team name on a separate shirt, bring it to the gym this week.

Bring in your signed permission for someone to pick up your packet early, unless you want to pick up your own packet the day of the race. We can mail these to someone in St. Louis who can pick them up for us, if we mail them to them in time.

We can borrow Barbie’s 15 passenger van to all go up together. If you are interested in car pooling on Sunday morning meet at the gym ready to leave at 6:00am. Let me know what your plans are so we know whether to wait for you or not.

MONDAY 9-9-13
5 Rounds each for time:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats
*rest exactly 3 minutes between rounds.

TUESDAY 9-10-13
Shoulder Press
Push Press
Push Jerk

3 Rounds for time:
Row 500 Meters
12 Deadlift (body weight)
21 Box Jumps (20″)

THURSDAY 9-12-13
4 Rounds for time:
200 meter Run
11 Thrusters (135, 95)
200 meter Run
11 Push Press (135, 95)
200 meter Run
11 Push-ups/(Bench Press)

FRIDAY 9-13-13
2 Rounds for time:
800 meter Run
400 meter Run Backwards

SATURDAY 9-14-13
Open Gym from 8-10am
With Laura this week instead of Dylan.