I’m trying so hard to insert a picture, but everything I do seems not to work! I’m so proud of those who got new PRs in Bench Press last week! I was trying to show you the board. I guess you will just have to come in and check out the record board for yourselves.

I’m disappointed, however,  in how many people are not signing up for classes. Some of you sign up on line, which is very helpful, and the method I prefer. Some of you sign up on the paper like we used to do all the time. That is fine if you don’t want to deal with the website or can’t for some reason get on line. Some of you text me and I will sign up on line for you. This is a little risky because it depends on me remembering to go back and check all of my texts. Some of you come in and sign up on the dry erase board. This doesn’t get transposed onto the paper I take home or get on line so all of the other trainers can see it. Some of you just take your chances and come if someone else happens to be here. That puts me in a bad position and is unacceptable if you come to workout and there is no trainer! That means a trainer has to come to every class for someone to show up, just in case. That is not fair to the trainer if you know you won’t be there. Please sign up and text me and or the other trainer if you find you are not going to make it after all. Some of you say you don’t want a trainer to come for just them. I understand no one really wants to work out alone, but it is a service you have paid for and I want to make sure you get that service! It is kind of like ordering and paying for a burger that is not included in your carry out bag. Even if you would not go back to complain, you should feel cheated and upset about it! I do not want you to feel that way about our gym!!! Please sign up, somewhere, if you can’t do it on line. That helps all of your trainers give you the service you have paid for and deserve.

Don’t forget “Share the Pain” next week! Free for them all week. Sign your friends up with you!

MONDAY 9/29/14
For time:
Overhead Squats (115, 75)
Toes to Bar

TUESDAY 9/30/14
3 Rounds for time:
400 Meter Run
21 Hang Power Snatch (75, 55)
15 Squats
9 Pull-ups

For time:
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75, 55)
Jump over the barbell Burpees
Push Press (75, 55)

THURSDAY 10/2/14
Back Squats

FRIDAY 10/3/14
5 Rounds of:
30 KB Swings* (53, 35) in 1 minute
1 minute Rest
* in 5th round do AMRAP (don't stop at 30)
penalty for not getting 30 in any round is 30 calorie Row for each round

SATURDAY 10/4/14
Open Gym from 8 to 10am

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